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*8/7 Zoning Board Meeting cancelled

HD Summerhill (Builder) has asked for time to review and revise the proposed site plan.  Request below.

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Attorney for Builder request meeting to be postponed to revise site plan

July 16th Zoning Board Recap

Meeting summary


SaveFrost would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting last night and those who generously donated food and school supplies for local neighbors in need. There was an unprecedented turnout for an East Brunswick Zoning Board meeting which makes a strong statement about the opposition to this development.

As was explained and evidenced last night, this will be a LONG process where witnesses will be brought up one at a time to explain why the developer believes this project is justified and each witness will then be asked questions by the East Brunswick Zoning Board, the attorneys from Spotswood and SaveFrost and finally any and all audience members who wish for clarification on what was presented. Please note that this is normal procedure for any zoning board application. However due to public outcry and the substantial number of questions presented by the audience members, the deliberation of this project will take much more time.

At last night's meeting, only one witness (one of the property owners) was able to present and be questioned before time ran out. The next meeting was set for TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 8:00 PM AT HAMMARSKJOLD MIDDLE SCHOOL and the next scheduled witness is the civil engineer. For those involved in National Night Out, we plan on heading to the meeting straight from the event.

While we understand that human nature leads us to lose interest the longer the process goes, it is vital that you stay involved. Please plan to attend this next meeting as well as any future meetings. Your presence as well as questions and feedback are being noted by the Zoning Board who ultimately decide whether or not to grant the variances requested.

Please mark your calendars and remember there is power in numbers. Be patient, keep the faith, and stay strong in the fight for our neighborhood.


About Us

We are the citizens of East Brunswick and Spotswood who are determined to stop the proposed redevelopment at the intersection of Summerhill and Old Stage Roads. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and review the 11/2/16 planning board minutes.  See who voted FOR this disaster and how concerned some were about the impact on traffic.



Beware: a high-density development project including 120 apartments, 291 parking spaces, rental office, bank and CVS (24 Hr.) is planned for the property located at the intersection of Summerhill and Old Stage Roads. Officials have made this information conspicuously difficult to learn.

Attend the East Brunswick Zoning Board meeting on 8/7 at 8pm, Hammarskjold MS. 

Get involved!

It's time to get involved. is a volunteer organization led by a team of dedicated professionals, particularly attorney Thomas W. Barlow of Lombardi & Lombardi.  Find out more below.

We need every concerned resident to attend the upcoming meeting. Call or write the Council, County Freeholder or Mayor. We are 42,000 strong and growing larger every day. Your opinion (and vote) matters. 


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6/27 Variance Request

This project contains multiple unacceptable variance requests for a property that borders Frost Woods 


November 2, 2016 Planning Board Meeting

November 16, 2016 Planning Board Meeting


“I have serious reservations about the rezoning of the Mack-Cali tract…”

“I know how difficult that intersection is.”

“I’ve seen a lot of accidents at that intersection over the years.”

“The reaction of the police officers [East Brunswick] that I spoke to was you could not pick a worse spot…”

“I cannot support multifamily uses because once we have it as a permitted use, then, of course, they don’t need a variance.”

Spotswood Residents Oppose GOLDEN CORNER

5/16 Sentinel article.  Spotswood residents speak out in opposition to the proposed GOLDEN CORNER*

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Local residents interviewed about the proposed "Golden Corner".


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*Updated Zoning Variance Request


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